Project Coherence

Cohesion Project Management 

Cohesion Consult was established in 2014 to offer a high quality, personal, flexible Project Management service that is exceptional value for money to its Clients. Located in Leeds the organisation is well located to support projects throughout the UK. Since forming the organisation has been fortunate to support some amazing Clients and projects, and it continues to grow from strength to strength.  

Stuart Ainsley is the project delivery specialist operating within Cohesion Consult. He has over 10 years of project  expertise. Stuart has successfully led diverse, complex projects from concept to operation. He is capable of transforming a strategic vision into an actionable plan to ensure it is dynamically executed. 

With a proven track record for leading projects Cohesion Consult are experienced in the commercial, leisure, education, residential, infrastructure, creative industries and urban regeneration sectors. We have proved to be proficient in offering the necessary skills to engage with any specialist in the team, become embedded with the project detail, facilitate best practice and be creative when developing solutions.

The organisation can deliver a range of services to support your project, process or programme, at any stage, offering bespoke tailored services specific to the Clients requirements. We have an ability to lead from the front, managing diverse multi-disciplinary teams, promote collaboration and ownership.

Cohesion Consult continuing aim is to specialise in high quality project delivery, encouraging collaboration in design and innovation. The company‚Äôs ambition through its consultancy activities is to support local creative industry growth. The organisation believes supporting creative growth is the lifeblood to enrich urban regeneration. Cohesion Consult is delighted to continue to support the charity Creative Cohesion, providing of on-going voluntary strategic support and an ongoing profit percentage donation to the charity.  Further information regarding Creative Cohesion can be found at

Please do not hesitate to contact Stuart Ainsley via the below contact details with any enquiry.